When do I need a Commercial Valuation?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions below you need a commercial valuation from a RICS Registered Valuer

Property Age

Is the property under 100 years old?

Property Materials

Is the property of standard construction?
(Made with bricks and mortar)

Property Type

Is the property a flat or maisonette?

We carry out a full visual inspection of the property inside and out to include the roof void (providing it is accessible). We carry a number of tools to assist with the inspection including moisture meters to we can check for the levels of damp throughout the property. Our written report will provide you with details on the condition of all the different elements that make up the property from the walls and ceilings to the joinery and fittings. The findings are also clearly stated throughout using traffic light style condition ratings on a scale of 1-3.

1 - Serious / Urgent Repairs are Needed

2 - Investigations are advised

3 - Components can be readily cared for under normal maintenance

With any home survey (including the Building Survey), we do not lift carpets, floorboards, heavy objects or personal effects. However, we are able to piece together all clues (whether from visual, touch, sound or smell) with our knowledge and experience to identify any possible issues. We highlight all defects and offer recommendations if further reports by specialist firms are required (e.g for electrical testing).

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We guarantee a fast and friendly service whatever the type of property and survey. We are very experienced in carrying out Commercial Valuations across the Midlands.

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