What is a Dilapidation Survey?

Firstly, what is a dilapidation survey? An independent surveyor on behalf of the landlord or property manager to assess the condition of a commercial property performs a Dilapidation Survey. The survey will subsequently provide a detailed report of the works required to restore the property back to its original condition prior to tenancy. By ensuring a third-party surveyor, independent to the landlord, tenant and dilapidation contractor ensures that no unfair bias or underhand techniques are used to create or prevent additional works or affect the true financial implications.

Dilapidation Surveys will also offer the landlord insight in to whether maintenance contracts have been carried out in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement.

When do I need a Dilapidation Survey?

A detailed Dilapidation Survey should be undertaken in good time prior to the existing tenants moving out of their commercial property by a third party surveyor, this is relevant for commercial properties from all market sectors including (but not limited to) retail, office, industrial or leisure. This could include offices in a shared building, warehousing and workshop spaces or health and leisure facilities amongst others.

Dilapidations – Section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927

Expert advice covering the notoriously complex area of dilapidations and diminution in value. If you are the tenant or landlord of a commercial property, you will likely have to consider the impact of dilapidations during the term of the lease and almost certainly, when the tenant vacates, it is imperative to get expert advice.

A dilapidation survey is a very thorough survey that documents the state of building elements and structure down to minor wear and tear.

What to do on receipt of a Dilapidation Survey?

Following the receipt of a Dilapidation Survey from an Independent Surveyor, it is time to commence works to ensure the property is restored to its original state. We are able to provide a quote and support with dilapidation works that may include:

  • Painting and Decorating
  • Building and Remedial Work
  • Removal or the Reinstallation of Office Partitions and Ceilings
  • Car Park and Grounds Maintenance
  • Mechanical and Electrical Repairs
  • Tarmac and Concrete Works
  • Flooring Repair
  • Windows and Glazing
  • Plumbing and Draining Works
  • Joinery
  • Roof Repair
  • Removal of IT Facilities

Dilapidation Works

Dilapidations refer to the works required to be undertaken or managed by a commercial tenant prior to them vacating their commercial premises that have been leased. This is following the confirmation and approval of the works results detailed within a Dilapidation Survey completed. The Dilapidation works could include simple changes such as the removal of wall mounted TV screens right through to partition walls being taken down or building fabric repair works.

Failure to conduct these works prior to vacating the commercial property means the responsibility will be passed back to the landlord and with the tenant still being liable for the costs involved. The tenant, at this stage has lost the ability and control of choosing the relevant dilapidation team. This could incur additional costs including administration fees as well as being unable to source the most cost-efficient dilapidation contractors.

Ensuring the work is undertaken according to the Dilapidation Survey prior to the end of the lease allows the tenant more involvement, control and selection of who does the works in the property and the timings it is completed in. This also allows the tenant to be involved in the final decision on the costs involved in the works.


We offer the following services:

  • Serving of notices
  • Dilapidation and Scott Schedules
  • Dilapidation advice during the and at the end of the lease
  • Section 18(1) Valuations quantifying the diminution in value of the landlord’s interest
  • Expert Witness Instructions

Our professional Chartered Surveyors will ensure that the terms of the lease are correctly interpreted and offer expert advice that saves you money.


Whether you have been served a notice during the lease or approaching the end of term we offer the following services:

  • Responding to Landlord’s notices
  • Liaising with Landlord’s legal and surveying representatives
  • Interpretation of key lease clauses
  • Preparation of Tenant’s schedule of dilapidation and Scott Schedule
  • Section 18 (1) Valuations which can form the basis to a tenants defence. Especially important if the Landlord plans to substantially alter or redevelop the property.

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