Is a Level 1 Home Survey (Condition Report) Suitable for My Property?

If you can answer yes to all of the following questions, the RICS Level 1 Home Survey (Condition Report) will be suitable for you:

Property Age

Is the property under 5 years old?

Property Materials

Is the property of standard construction?
(Made with bricks and mortar)

Property Type

Is the property a flat, maisonette or small house?

As the most basic survey report, it doesn’t include advice or recommendations for repair, or the likely costs of fixing different items. The Condition Report highlights any major defects affecting the value of the property but does not cover less serious or minor defects that may become issues in the future. The findings are clearly stated throughout using traffic light style condition ratings on a scale of 1-3.

1 - Good. Components can be readily cared for under normal maintenance

2 - Some repairs required or Investigations are advised

3 - Serious / Urgent Repairs are Needed

With any home survey (including the Building Survey), we do not lift carpets, floorboards, heavy objects or personal effects. The RICS Condition Report covers the legal aspects of your property, and the paperwork will include relevant advice or comments for your solicitor before you exchange contracts.

Why Get a RICS Level 1 Home Survey (Condition Report)?


A RICS Level 1 Home Survey highlights any major defects


A RICS Level 1 Home Survey advises you on any legal issues that need to be addressed


What is the RICS Level 1 Home Survey (Condition Report)?

The RICS Level 1 Home Survey (Condition Report) is a starting level survey. The report includes:

  • An inspection of the condition of the property
  • Confirms the structure and fabric of various elements in the property
  • Highlights any potential defects or issues the property may present ahead of the sale
  • Legal issues that need to be addressed before completing your conveyancing and information on location, local environment and the recorded energy efficiency

Compare to our Level 2 Home Survey (Homebuyer Report)

The Homebuyer Report is a shorter report focused on highlighting issues found within the building (without always outlining the cause and solution).

It will provide an idea of the maintenance required after moving in

About the Level 2 Home Survey

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